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Junius Lewis

Junius Lewis, a big defensive end from Morgantown, West Virginia, is up to three offers from schools in three different conferences. The hometown Mountaineers are involved but Lewis is also taking a hard look at some schools from the ACC and Big 10.

Junius Lewis, a big defensive end from Morgantown, West Virginia, is up to three offers from schools in three different conferences. The hometown Mountaineers are involved but Lewis is also taking a hard look at some schools from the ACC and Big 10.

"I've been talking a lot to Georgia Tech, Minnesota, WVU; I'm trying to get Florida State on board and Michigan a little bit," said Lewis. As for who has offered Lewis said, "WVU, Minnesota, and Georgia Tech."

Lewis might be leaning toward one school more than others in his mind but he's not saying which that is.

"I'm leaning towards a school but I just don't really want to say it right now," said Lewis. "I'm just trying to talk with my parents and see how they're thinking, see how they're feeling, and what I'm really going to do for my college career."

With one of the schools being from his hometown and others seemingly all over the county, how much is distance a factor in coming up with his favorite?

"I want to give everyone a fair chance," said Lewis. "I don't want just because I know I can go over there at any time to watch them practice, I don't want that to be a deciding factor. Because I know if I lived somewhere else I could do that at any other school. So I just want to be fair to every coach and every college to be able to give them an honest chance."

Junius has spoken with Georgia Tech coaches recently and had this to say about the Yellow Jackets.

"Georgia Tech is one of my top schools," said Lewis. "I talked to the coach two days ago actually and we just talked about school and my free time and just things in general; how things in Atlanta would be. I really kind of connected with him, so I very definitely would consider them for my top school."

Lewis seemed to like the idea of being in the city when asked what he liked most about Tech.

"It's in Atlanta," said Lewis. "That's one of the big things. I'm trying to move to a city, man. I'm in Morgantown, West Virginia, so Atlanta's a big city and there are a lot of opportunities down there for me."

But there's more to it than just liking the city atmosphere for Lewis. Smaller towns like his hometown offer Lewis things he likes as well.

"It's a small town but people here are nice and everything," said Lewis. "I don't want to go somewhere it's going to be… There's got to be love in the town. There's got to be good things happening. But another thing with Georgia Tech; I asked the coach about how's their Medical [fields of study] because I'm looking to go into Pharmaceutical Sales. He told me they're pretty good and I checked up on it and it's a good school, a good academic school."

In high school Lewis plays both offense and defense. He lines up as a tight end, fullback, and defensive end. In college he says schools like him as a 5-technique defensive end. He describes it as, "an end but it's between the tight end and the offensive tackle." Junius said, "And that's where I play right now, 5-technique and that's really what I wanted to play in college but honestly, to tell you the truth, I really don't care, as long as I'm on the field playing."

Lewis has been thinking about which schools he's going to personally visit this summer.

"I've kind of already thought about a couple of places, like I was going to have Michigan, WVU, Georgia Tech, Minnesota, just to get a feel for those places," said Lewis. "Just to get a feel for how different things are in different places."

One school that has yet to offer could really have a big impact on his list were they to offer.

"I have my top schools," said Lewis. "The one school I've always wanted to go to is Florida State. That's been my dream school since I was about two. But I mean Minnesota, WVU and Georgia Tech are great schools. I'd be satisfied wherever I went but Florida State's always on my mind and on my heart. If I got an offer from there it would be a great thing and then I'd really have to start thinking about where I want to play my ball at."

So would a Seminole offer be something he'd jump on right away should it happen?

"I'm not saying I'd jump on it but I'd consider it just like any other college just as another offer," said Lewis. "I'd really have to think about it even though I've wanted to go there since I was a child, it's just another college and I'd have to make it fair with them too."

As for the upcoming high school season, Lewis has some high expectations for his team.

"We're trying to win the championship this year," said Lewis. "We've got everybody back pretty much. We lost Max and Adam but I feel that me, Charlie Russell, and Derek Long are going to step it up and really show the state that we're going to win another one."

Lewis said he recently measured at 6'3", 270-pounds at a recent combine. He also says that he can now bench 425 pounds. Recommended Stories

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